Shamanic journeying is the oldest cross-cultural spiritual practice in existence. Using a rattle and drum, one has the ability to enter an altered state of consciousness and travel between the unseen worlds. Traveling on your behalf, spirit communicator and occultist Mimi Young will embark on a sacred shamanic journey and provide you with her discoveries via a scheduled, live 60 minute video call (with replay link).

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Shamanic readings can provide you with a wide range of wisdom-based + healing services, including:

  • Making contact with your Guides and Spirits (animal spirits, plant spirits, mineral and other earth allies, deities, ancestors, and other entities)
  • Past life healing
  • Healing your ancestral line
  • Looking into your future potentials (divination)
  • Soul development and life purpose work
  • Soul retrievals
  • Making requests from spirits to influence outcomes (in the context of spiritual healing)
  • Clearing entanglements on spiritual planes that can also reduce conflict you’re experiencing on the physical plane


Mimi will embark on the shamanic journey for roughly 30-45 minutes prior to the start of our call. The video calls are live, 60 minutes long, and also recorded so that you have the recording to refer to in perpetuity.

NOTE: Login details to our video call will be emailed to you upon booking. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it right away. If under any circumstances you cannot show up to the call, Mimi will simply record it and send you the replay link which must be downloaded within 24 hours of the email sent. Please note in the event of a weak internet connection, there may be a need to turn off the video portion of the call and just keep the audio to retain as much clarity as possible. Zoom is the video call provider I am currently working with; Zoom has recently increased their security by enabling GCM encryption across its entire platform. To prepare for the call, please have the most current version of the app (Zoom 5.0+) installed on your device.

What a Shamanic Reading Involves

  • A Pre-Shamanic Reading Ritual that Mimi will give you to do by yourself before her journey
  • A live 60 minute video call* (with replay link) that includes:
    • An overview of the shamanic journey Mimi took on your behalf
    • Interpretation of the journey
    • Any additional insights Mimi has to share Guidance on ‘homework’ and spiritual practices you can engage in
    • If relevant, Mimi may provide a Shamanic Reading Aftercare Ritual for you to do

*If under any circumstances you cannot show up to the call, I will record the messages and send you the link that you can download. On the occasion that you cannot attend the live call, the session may not be a full 60 mins in length as the 60 mins is to account for conversations between the client and myself. Note that if you have any additional questions beyond the scope of the scheduled call / recording, then please book another session.

how to form a question

The initial Shamanic Reading for a new client is typically about discovering and becoming acquainted with your spirit allies. After making contact with them, Mimi will approach them to ask the one question that you have previously formulated and shared with her.

When you are considering what question you would like Mimi to ask on your behalf, please carefully consider what you would most like clarity or resolution about, and formulate that into a question that Mimi can ask during the journey. When appropriate, the question can sometimes contain parts A and B that share the same vein, but aside from that, Mimi will not ask your allies more than the one question you have formulated. Asking one question per journey has proven to be the most effective and constructive approach.

The messages from the spirits are oftentimes confirmation of what you already know at a deep gut level, and may also contain information that you may not currently understand. Whatever you choose to ask, be sure that you are truly open to receiving whatever the spirits have to share with you. It’s also important to know that even with Mimi’s interpretations, there still may be some instances where you will need to meditate after the journey in order to extract meaning and understand how Mimi’s interpretations pertain to your own personal situation.

Please also note that even if it’s to examine the spiritual roots of the physical body, her readings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease, disorder, condition, or abnormal physical state, nor does she claim she will restore or correct the body’s physical functioning. Information is provided for reference and spiritual purposes only.

With that in mind, once Mimi establishes contact and develops a relationship with your spirit ally (or allies – this is unique for the individual), what question / request do you have for them specifically? If you have no specific question in mind, then she suggests asking “What do my spirit allies want me to know right now?”

*Please have your question determined and clearly stated at time of booking.

NOTE: If when booking, your question is vague or is beyond the scope of ONE question, your booking will be canceled and refunded. Thank you for understanding.


By booking a Private Session, you have read and are agreeing to these terms:

(The final amount will have 5% tax added at check out)  

READ CAREFULLY: All calls are live and recorded. The recording will be emailed to you to download within the same day as your booking. Please download the recording within 24 hours of the email’s receipt, as I do not store recordings for the long-term. In the event of a weak internet connection, we may need to turn the video off and just keep the audio portion of the call on so we can capture the audio as clearly as possible for the recording.


"Thank you so very much for doing the reading for me. I have read it a few times and again find myself deeply moved. Your readings are beautifully written and always resonate deeply, so much to think about, so much emotion for me to read them. I often reflect on your readings, they become part of my life in such a special way. Thank you so much, Mimi <3"

Erin Plaster

founder of @sloomb

"WOW!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I felt it when you were journeying for me... this information is PERFECT and just what I needed... so much peace and clarity in my heart right now it all makes sense... This is such divine timing... So blessed to have such a beautiful messenger and fellow mystic in my life."

Katja Ehlers

holistic coach and energy practitioner of @katja.ehlers

“I had the pleasure of interviewing Mimi on my podcast recently, when I learned about her Mystery Mentorship offering. I knew nothing about shamanic journeying or altar work and it was during the interview that I first heard the term Chaos Magick. But I now 100% believe that Mimi and her world is a gift from the Universe. In the short time I have worked with her and been in this program, I have opened up a whole new connection to Spirit that I never knew existed. I’ve now journeyed six times, met my Key Spirit Ally and Psychopomp! Her knowledge and wisdom is insanely vast, and I appreciate how upfront and real she is. Mimi has become a role model for me, defying all the trends and images you conjure in your mind when you think “shamanic witch.” Magic is something I never thought I would be interested in but find myself growing increasingly curious the more I learn and experience. Mimi's unapologetic approach to her shamanic practice and her truth makes her an incredible teacher. So grateful to have been brought to this unique spirit.”

Ellen Wong

"Wow...I am so incredibly touched by your reading. Words can barely express. It brought me to tears when I first read it. I have never experienced a reading quite like it! Thank you so much!!!! I wanted to reply right away but I figured I would sit with the reading for a bit first. There are so many interesting, synchronistic symbols woven throughout the entire reading, its hard to know where to start. ... In general I just feel more supported throughout my day. I am looking forward to seeing where it is I go, and what my relationship with my spirit allies will become. The reading gave me so much hope and clarity."

Paige Eustatia

About Mimi

About Mimi


My name is Mimi Young, and I am a Han Taiwanese Canadian living, working, and playing on the unceded and traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations – what is otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada. I am also a spirit communicator who will guide you to access the Unseen through witchcraft and magick practices, core shamanism and the occult. We all have intuitive gifts and magickal abilities; some of us simply need some support and encouragement as we find our way back to our inner wisdom and agency.

As a woman of colour who is a shamanic intuitive, witch, occultist, and spiritual guide, my work is to facilitate and walk alongside you during your soul’s journey along the path of mystical practice with depth, integrity, and real wisdom. You will experience a safe container to give yourself the permission to be yourself, to grow in confidence in who you are, and to be genuinely original again.

Whether you seek to access the Unseen through a plant potion from my Skin + Aura collection, to study a single esoteric topic via my Spirit Study Courses, or to enroll in a more in-depth magickal study through my Mystery Mentorship program, I offer you grounded, practice-based expertise rooted in my experience and ancestral heritage. (In ancient Chinese traditions, this multi-disciplinary metaphysical practice is called 巫 – Wu or Wuism). Quite simply, I will help you learn how to see again; to see the Unseen. 

My work has been celebrated by Goop, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Refinery29. I’ve also had the immense joy and honour to have been a guest on podcasts including Almost 30, Hey Girl, So You Think You’re Intuition, Healers, and Living Open and more.

Yours, Mimi