/ Spirit Readings

Animism, spellwork, and core shamanism, are considered expressions of Wuism, a form of cross-disciplined esoteric-spirit mediumship found in Mimi’s Taiwanese heritage. 

When you book a reading, Mimi embarks on a sacred shamanic journey, where she spirit travels on your behalf to visit your spirit allies in the spirit / Otherworlds. Then through a scheduled 60 minute live Zoom call (with recording), Mimi shares the messages from your guides, as well as facilitate the movement of energy so you feel supported to embody and manifest these potentials. 

These sessions provide you with clarity relating to your spiritual and life concerns, as well as practical next steps in your life’s path, so that you can feel confident, prepared, and affirmed.

Blurred image in nature of Mimi Young spirit communicator

Shamanic / Spirit readings can provide you with healing and answers to a wide-range of questions, such as:

  • What is my life’s purpose work?
  • What needs healing in my ancestral line?
  • I am at a crossroads; how to best proceed?
  • What do I need to know about my relationship with [insert person / energy]?
  • How do I heal from [insert situation]?
  • What do I need to know about this year ahead?
  • How is this being (human or pet) who has passed?
  • What happened to that belonging I once lost?
  • What does my soul need to develop?
  • What happened in a past life / lives?
  • What part(s) of my soul needs retrieval?
  • How to detangle with someone on the physical plane?


Shamanic / Spirit Readings are great for those who feel called to:

  • Work with their spirit guides but don’t know where to start
  • Break ancestral patterning but don’t know enough about their family history
  • Find closure with someone who has left the earthly plane
  • Make a big shift but can’t see where they are headed
  • Find answers about a belonging that has been lost
  • Do deep soul work and evolve in this lifetime
  • Live in their purpose and need a little direction
  • Explore past lifetimes as a means of clarity and direction in this current life


Mimi will embark on the shamanic journey and consult with your spirit guides for roughly 30-45 minutes prior to the start of your Zoom video/audio call. 

The 60 min Zoom call is live, and a download link will be emailed.

NOTE: Login details to our video call will be emailed to you upon booking. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it right away. If under any circumstances you cannot show up to the call, Mimi will simply record it and send you the replay link which must be downloaded within 24 hours of the email sent.

What a Reading Involves

  • An optional Pre-Ritual Bath that Mimi will give you to do by yourself before her journey
  • A live 60 minute video call* (with replay link) that includes:
    • An overview of the shamanic journey Mimi took on your behalf prior to the call
    • Interpretation of the journey
    • Q & As relating to the journey
    • Additional channeling during the call
    • Helpful “next steps” to support you spiritually and practically

*If under any circumstances you cannot show up to the call, I will record the messages and send you the link that you can download within 24 hours. In those cases, the session may not be a full 60 mins in length as the 60 mins is to account for conversations between the client and myself. Note that if you have any additional questions beyond the scope of the scheduled call / recording, then please book another session.

how to form a question

A note from Mimi: “We start off with one question / area of exploration, though that doesn’t mean you only receive one message from the spirit guides. The one question is simply to get the ball rolling, and as with the spokes of a wheel, this first spoke connects to the greater wheel, and integrates many other concerns as well. Oftentimes the wheel of your life is too grand, overwhelming, or even distracting to take in at once, and hence the first question functions as the catalyst to facilitate the movement of energy from serving the spirit to fulfilling the spirit. In short, a reading with me holds the energies of both the potentials and the enactment of possibilities. To be held by wisdom through the spirits is only one part; to then live purposely embodying the wisdom is the other. This is why working with me in the capacity of a Shamanic Reading is honouring the Yin and Yang, and when you return to yourself as the connecting link between the Potential (Yin) and the Embodied (Yang), the five elements of the Wu Xing: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water are birthed within and through you.” 

Asking one question per journey has proven to be the most effective and constructive starting point when approaching the spirits. 
When you are considering what question you would like Mimi to ask on your behalf, please carefully consider what you would most like clarity or resolution about, and formulate that into ONE question that Mimi can ask during the journey. When appropriate, the question can sometimes contain parts A and B that share the same vein, but aside from that, Mimi will not ask your allies more than the one question you have formulated to ensure that what you are wanting to explore is within scope of one session. As mentioned above, asking one question does not mean you will only receive one single message from your spirit guides, but it serves to help you focus on the type of wisdom that will be helpful for you.

If you have a question that is complex, multi-faceted, and don’t know where to start, OR if you have no specific question in mind, then Mimi suggests you ask,  “What do my spirit allies want me to know right now?”
This gets the ball rolling, where the spirits can freely share what they would like you to know. Time permitting, Mimi can then channel guidance during the call as well, to respond to those smaller questions that may come up. 

Please also note that even if it’s to examine the spiritual roots of the physical body, her readings are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease, disorder, condition, or unusual physical state, nor does she claim she will restore or correct the body’s physical functioning. Information is provided for reference and spiritual purposes only.

*Please have your question determined and clearly stated at time of booking.


By booking a Private Session, you have read and are agreeing to these terms:

(The final amount will have 5% tax added at check out)  

READ CAREFULLY: All calls are live and recorded. The recording will be emailed to you to download within the same day as your booking. Please download the recording within 24 hours of the email’s receipt, as Mimi does not store recordings for the long-term.


"Wow...I am so incredibly touched by your reading. Words can barely express. It brought me to tears when I first read it. I have never experienced a reading quite like it! Thank you so much!!!! I wanted to reply right away but I figured I would sit with the reading for a bit first. There are so many interesting, synchronistic symbols woven throughout the entire reading, its hard to know where to start. ... In general I just feel more supported throughout my day. I am looking forward to seeing where it is I go, and what my relationship with my spirit allies will become. The reading gave me so much hope and clarity."

Paige Eustatia

"Mimi has an incredible gift for creating space for that which needs to be translated. The combination of shamanic work and art therapy allows for a gentle, open and creative channel to explore deeper messages and connect with allies. This work is both provocative and profound."

Natalie Edwards

"Mimi layers each module of the Mystery Mentorship beautifully, and my resulting spiritual practice has been transformative. I can see Earth, Air, Fire, and now Water showing up in my life because Mimi provides the tools to both receive and work with the elements. I feel like I’m a different person but also not different at all. For as long as I can remember, my life has been an exhausting balancing act centered around figuring out how much I'm willing to allow others to reduce my self-worth while still retaining as much of myself as possible. I now understand that I do not need to invite the toxic expectations of others to the negotiation table to determine my value as a person — there is no negotiation to be had. That alone has changed my life, and now I am working on true healing without compromise."

Kimberly Hollman

"Highly recommend a session with Mimi! I listened to mine back a year later and it was incredibly accurate and just as potent listening back."

Katie Buemann

About Mimi

About Mimi

My name is Mimi Young, and I am a Taiwanese Canadian residing on the unceded and traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations – what is otherwise known as Vancouver, Canada.

I am also a spirit communicator, animist and occultist. (In ancient Chinese traditions, this multi-disciplinary metaphysical practice is called 巫 – Wu or Wuism). My joy is to be a container for you to restore intimacy with yourself and with the Unseen, by offering grounded practice-based expertise rooted from personal experience. 

I have held space and led seekers and practitioners from all over the world in my Mystery Mentorship program and retreats, as well as collaboratively with brands including goop, Almost 30, Spirit House Collective, and Tokyo Smoke. In the press and on podcasts, my work has been celebrated by Vogue, goop, Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery29, Hey Girl AND MORE.

Folks who have worked with me describe me as welcoming, engaging, deepening, and transformative.

Walk with me with respect, and you will be met with honour.

Walk with me with willingness and openness, and you will be met with open heart and open arms.

Walk with me with honesty, and you will have my heart.