"I don't feel that words quite have enough nuance for me to pinpoint the gratitude that I hold and the depth of value that I find in Mimi's wisdom and guidance. I want to acknowledge that, by stepping into who she is and by walking the path she is on, Mimi is illuminating a map for those of us of Han Chinese heritage, who have been swimming against the currents our entire lives. She is supporting us in our journeys back to the core of who we are, and gifting us access to the re-planting of our ancient roots. Now that we see a path—understanding that we all have our own paths—we can begin to walk towards it. Thank you, Mimi for putting language to that mysterious force and doing the difficult work of translation so we can understand the meaning behind our shared folk practices. I am very grateful, and I appreciate you."

Jenny Lau

"Mimi layers each module of the Mystery Mentorship beautifully, and my resulting spiritual practice has been transformative. I can see Earth, Air, Fire, and now Water showing up in my life because Mimi provides the tools to both receive and work with the elements. I feel like I’m a different person but also not different at all. For as long as I can remember, my life has been an exhausting balancing act centered around figuring out how much I'm willing to allow others to reduce my self-worth while still retaining as much of myself as possible. I now understand that I do not need to invite the toxic expectations of others to the negotiation table to determine my value as a person — there is no negotiation to be had. That alone has changed my life, and now I am working on true healing without compromise."

Kimberly Hollman

"I entered into the Mystery Mentorship program because I was drawn in by Mimi's authenticity, ethics, and strength. I had taken some of the on-demand courses and it helped to reignite a world for me that I had walked away from a long time ago. After entering the program, there was a dramatic shift in my life that felt like constantly fighting the current, to flowing along with it. I love that in the program that there is an encouragement to stretch ourselves, but continually test our engagement and beliefs against our ethics and what we hold to be true. This program asks a lot of each individual, but it gives backs in ways that you can't imagine. Be brave, and jump in with both feet!"


"For one goop editor, a dreamwork session with Young revealed how specific recurring elements in her dreams—like flying in long leaps, public bathrooms with no doors, and characters she knew to be one person but appeared as another—represented recurring themes in her waking life. Once Young identified the meanings of each of these elements out loud, they made a lot of sense. Some represented obstacles in relationships and work. Others, personal gifts and talents."


"Four years ago I walked away from a serious relationship and "dream" job because I felt they were both distracting me from my life's purpose. In the years that followed, and in the light of a Saturn return, I tried tirelessly to make sense of my day dreams that would show me the life I believe I came here to live. When I would share these thoughts with others they whole-heartedly believed in me and could really see me doing it, but for some reason I never could. I often felt like I couldn't see anything, or that maybe I was crazy . . . just like my dad. It is weird having the feeling that you were born to be a radical/revolutionary – because as electrifying as it is, it is also stiflingly heavy. And before your mentorship I was struggling to contain both of those emotions. In connecting with the Mother Peace deck, hearing your wisdom and education on decolonization, and learning the multiple spiritual practices you have shown us – I have found stability. For four years I have been waiting for a parachute and this mentorship has shown me that it is never coming. I cannot go back to who I was and the world I have been trying my whole life to belong in, doesn't need me to belong. Instead, the world needs me to help re-shape it so that we can all belong and co-create a better one. I still can't see it all but what I do know is that I am no longer hiding from my purpose but navigating within it. As my final fun fact, I wrote 2 goals at the start of 2020 with absolutely no idea where to start (see attached). They were: 1) I will have seen and access to my own past lives and 2) I will live in my purpose as a plant medicine woman through food - and thanks to your mentorship I have found both :)"

Justine Anweiler


"I also loved Mimi's speaker interview on Wu Shamanism. As a Chinese person growing up in Asia, I really thought I'd seen it all but I'm so humbled to be proven wrong. Mimi opened my eyes to a whole aspect of my culture that I wasn't aware of, but felt intimately connected to all the same. Mimi, I have so many quotes from your interview written down because they resonated so much. You've truly helped me to connect with my ancestry in a way I've never done so before."

attendee at the Women of Color Summit: The Art of Authentic Living

“I just wanted to say thank you for this beautiful space that you've held for all of us. I hadn't yet written my testimonial because I feel the moment I write something, I'm only going want to write more. [The Mystery Mentorship] has been so potent, so magical, and it really, truly asks us to confront ourselves in the most authentic, genuine and loving way. And I find it to be so special, so thank you.”

Charlene Chang

"Hi Mimi, I wanted to thank you for preparing us a wonderful and insightful dream presentation for our students. We loved it and thoroughly enjoyed having you in, Mimi. Thank you for contributing to the growth of our students here. The kids were buzzing this morning and sharing their insights from the dreams they had last night. I also found myself looking at my own dreams from a different perspective this morning. Take care and thank you so much for your time.”

C. Dempsey

elementary school teacher

“I had the pleasure of interviewing Mimi on my podcast recently, when I learned about her Mystery Mentorship offering. I knew nothing about shamanic journeying or altar work and it was during the interview that I first heard the term Chaos Magick. But I now 100% believe that Mimi and her world is a gift from the Universe. In the short time I have worked with her and been in this program, I have opened up a whole new connection to Spirit that I never knew existed. I’ve now journeyed six times, met my Key Spirit Ally and Psychopomp! Her knowledge and wisdom is insanely vast, and I appreciate how upfront and real she is. Mimi has become a role model for me, defying all the trends and images you conjure in your mind when you think “shamanic witch.” Magic is something I never thought I would be interested in but find myself growing increasingly curious the more I learn and experience. Mimi's unapologetic approach to her shamanic practice and her truth makes her an incredible teacher. So grateful to have been brought to this unique spirit.”

Ellen Wong

“Already I’ve had a really profound experience from the journeying and the first lesson. I think part of why I’m supposed to be doing this is to really learn to trust my inner knowing and spiritual experiences."

Valerie L.

“I have been able to begin building a solid foundation for my own practice and with it the confidence to share my gifts with others. I am so thankful I was called to join the Mystery Mentorship, and to be honest, I'm happy I joined at week nine. Catching up in a short time frame forced me to focus on the material daily, pushed me to journey daily, and caused me to begin re-membering parts of me long forgotten. I feel empowered, affirmed and fulfilled. I have been searching for this knowledge and wisdom for a long time and to have it in a consumable, structured format is a blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Nicholas Blevins

"I loved Mimi Young. I loved how authentic and real Mimi is. She wasn't over the top spiritual in her way or in her talking (how she talked and what she talked about). She was so real and authentic. I loved it!!"

attendee at the Women of Color Summit: The Art of Authentic Living

"Wow...I am so incredibly touched by your reading. Words can barely express. It brought me to tears when I first read it. I have never experienced a reading quite like it! Thank you so much!!!! I wanted to reply right away but I figured I would sit with the reading for a bit first. There are so many interesting, synchronistic symbols woven throughout the entire reading, its hard to know where to start. ... In general I just feel more supported throughout my day. I am looking forward to seeing where it is I go, and what my relationship with my spirit allies will become. The reading gave me so much hope and clarity."

Paige Eustatia

“When I booked the retreat with Mimi, I was honestly just looking forward to some well needed rest and healing time on the Sunshine Coast. What I got was a full on experience in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole and coming home... to myself. Through Mimi's guided journeying, dream analysis as well as the shared stories in our circle of women- a deeper level of healing was initiated. I left the retreat more confident in myself, more in tune with my heart and truly open to a different way of living. There are no words that can describe my appreciation for working with Mimi and our Circle. This work is not for the faint of heart for it truly opens you up to a magical whole hearted life- and you'll never want to go back to the old way. So if you're ready to come home to yourself, to shake things up- why not follow Mimi down the rabbit hole and explore Wonderland for yourself?”

Emily Williams

visual effects professional

“Before starting the apprenticeship, I wasn't sure if I could actually connect with spirits in a communicative way. During our second lesson we put theory into practice as Mimi led us in three Shamanic Journeys. During the first two I met my ally but doubted it was real and wondered if I was just forcing my imagination. For the third journey we pulled a tarot card without looking at it and asked our ally to describe the card. During this last journey I continued to doubt what was coming through. When I flipped the card over I was awestruck by the accuracy. I can no longer doubt my ally, or myself! This will certainly take some practice but I am confident that I can do it - anybody can!”

Michaela Burke

"Mimi has an incredible gift for creating space for that which needs to be translated. The combination of shamanic work and art therapy allows for a gentle, open and creative channel to explore deeper messages and connect with allies. This work is both provocative and profound."

Natalie Edwards

“I have to say I was in a confused mess with my career before I met you and your magical products; as I was in a transition.... Your products are beautiful and magical, I know it all comes from your beautiful heart. That’s why it is so powerful. I’m picky with what I put on myself and honestly you and your products have helped me connect with my guides and most importantly my true authentic self whom I’ve neglected and dishonoured for way too long as I had been too busy living for others. If only you knew the extent you and your products have supported me since. ️I am truly grateful for you and your beautiful work from the depths of my being.”

Cyndi Sia

early childhood educator

”I have had some very profound experiences when using your plant medicines. Last night I poured some of the Solstice Elixir with the Frequency of Surrender into my bath. The oil gently seeped into my sink and afterwards, in bed, I finally surrendered, stopped holding and avoiding and felt some deep sadnesses. I had lock away all personal sadness and not allowed myself to feel that for myself. It was such a relief to finally meet that part of myself. Your Surrender Elixir supported me to go there, to feel, the be with myself. THANK YOU.”

Laura Brough

“I have had the honour of engaging with Mimi to journey for me on a number of occasions. Through this very personalized work, Mimi’s gift has afforded me an immense expansion of who I am on this earth. Understanding my life at a very different level has provided me with a guidance and knowledge that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Mimi’s ability of access this realm is beyond anything I imagined, until I experienced it. She is sweet, caring, generous and provides a level of description of her journey’s that created a feeling of being right there with her. For anyone who wants to expand their experience in this lifetime and is open to all that is available, I would strongly recommend engaging with Mimi. Thank you so much dear sweet Mimi, your gift to the world is priceless.”

Patti Telford

Registered Nurse + Functional Nutritionist @at_the_root_fx_nutrition

"This mentorship has been so transformative in ways that I don’t even have words to convey the depths of."

Ruby Minji Hwang

"Thank you with all my heart, Mimi. It's amazing the 'coincidences' I'm noting. ...I'm just in shock and crying. Thank you so much and xie xie."

Mona Mok

Founder of Feeding Mama @feedingmama

"I just want to tell you that I appreciate all that you are and I am beyond grateful for the immensely loving space that you create for your apprentices. I feel so incredibly held and want to zap all of my love and gratitude to you ❤️❤️❤️."


“Mimi often talks about “pinch me” moments, and for me the Mentorship is one of them. For years I’ve followed a plethora of Instagrammers, podcasters, authors etc. in the general spiritual field, and their work, while so captivating, always felt so out of reach. Only two weeks in and I’m floored by how jam packed the Sunday sessions are, and how the lessons linger & permeate my every day life. I’ve learned to trust myself more in the last 10 days, than I have in the past 10 years, so fucking pinch me I can’t believe I get to do this!! The old witch in me is rejoicing the baby witch who is learning to take her first few wobbly steps & it’s truly all thanks to Mimi.”

Tena Prostran

“Thank you for an incredible [Mystery Mentorship] class today. In true Pisces season fashion, I found myself with tears flowing from start to finish. What a beautiful connection that was cultivated today."

Stephanie K

"Created by modern shamanic practitioner Mimi Young, it’s no surprise to learn that each and every product is interwoven with the energetic imprint of the spirit realm – to create a line that nurtures the beauty of the user, inside and out."

Ruby Warrington (The Numinous)